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Laurent Goumarre is a multidisciplinary artist based in Paris, France.


Laurent Goumarre's photographic background is a literary experience - Hervé Guibert, Duane Michals, Ettore Sottsass, Sophie Calle...

In 1998, he submitted his first plastic work to the Salon de Montrouge for validation. This was followed by his first exhibition at Galerie Alain Gutharc in Paris, a gallery that regularly exhibited his photographs, ceramics, and drawings, until Laurent's first solo show in 2018.

At the same time, he developed a career as a critical journalist from Artpress to Libération, and as a radio producer from france culture to France inter; coupled with positions as artistic director of dance festivals (Montpellier dance, then the Lyon biennial) and theater festivals (the TJJCC at the Théâtre de Genevilliers).

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